Order form

Congratulations on the happy event in your life! We are happy to help you organize it.

Below you will find our order form, which we invite you to fill out after consulting our MENU. To submit the order, you must make a selection of dishes and determine the required quantities, based on the number of people participating in your event.

The order must be sent at least two working days before the date of the event, and we will bring the dishes to the reserved pavilion at the set time. Abbraccio Restaurant reserves the right to deliver the order 15 minutes before or after the time set by the customer, depending on the orders taken that day.

If you need more info, please check the Frequest Questions section, or call us at 0739.111.222.

Frequest questions

  • 1. From what time can I request delivery of the order?

    Our restaurant opens at 10:00, so starting at 10:00 we can deliver drinks orders and starting at 10:30 we can deliver food orders.

  • 2. Can we order something else on the initial order?

    Sure you do. Supplementing the order can be done throughout the event, both on the drinks and food side, with the related preparation time communicated at the time of supplementation.

  • 3. When is the order considered firm?

    The order sent by you through the order form reaches us in real time and you will automatically receive a confirmation email. The order is considered firm on the day of the event when you come to the restaurant to reconfirm and establish the final details.

  • 4. How are the dishes served?

    Our dishes are served in disposable packaging, individually per dish ordered. You can bring plates and cutlery to serve them, if you consider it necessary.

  • 5. How does ordering drinks in advance help me?

    Our recommendation is to place a minimum order of drinks in advance to avoid waiting time for their delivery. In addition, some drinks such as coffee, lemonade, soda require a preparation time. You can supplement your drinks order according to consumption and preferences throughout the event.

  • 6. How can we keep drinks cold on hot days?

    The drinks ordered from our restaurant always reach you cold, directly from the refrigerated display cases. To avoid the situation where the drinks heat up, we recommend ordering in several stages. You can pick up the drinks directly from the restaurant or wait for their delivery at the pavilion.

  • 7. How do we pay for the order?

    ayment can be made both in cash and by card.

  • 8. When can we pay the order?

    You can pay the order at the end of the party, so everything else you order during the event is added to the initial order and a single bill is made.

  • 9. Where do we store the cold cakes?

    For cake storage, there is a dedicated space in the park and you will be directed to it when you arrive at Edenland. Please note that according to park regulations, cake access is only allowed if you have a reserved pavilion.

  • 10. Can we reserve a table at your restaurant?

    There is a food area in Edenland Park. Customers can shop where they want and sit where they want, this being a common food area. Therefore, reservations cannot be made. If you want, you can reserve a pavilion, and you can find more details on the website Organizing events - | Edenland Park.

  • 11. There are no more pavilions available, what can we do?

    Due to Edenland park regulations, cake is only allowed to be served in event pavilions. If there are no more pavilions available, you can come and serve the meal at the restaurant without an advance order and without a cake.

  • 12. Can we change the order sent in advance?

    The order submitted in advance can be changed on the day of the event at least 1 hour before the scheduled delivery time. For changes submitted less than 1 hour before the scheduled delivery time, we will try to find solutions, but only within the limits of availability.

  • 13. I don't want to pre-order. How do I proceed?

    If you don't want to order in advance, we'll wait for you at the restaurant. But keep in mind that we will not be able to deliver your order to the reserved pavilion.